AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-09-03contents are now outside data tree and needs to be compiledHEADmasterYaco
2022-09-03ignores .oldYaco
2022-09-03implements script processed books and articlesYaco
2022-08-30actualiza el indexYaco
2022-08-18adds notice about articlesYaco
2022-08-18updates indexYaco
2022-08-17removes essays subtitleYaco
2022-08-17complete books sectionYaco
2022-08-17updates to match latest versionYaco
2022-07-22adds cache folderYaco
2022-03-08adds gitignoreYaco
2022-03-08add missing folderYaco
2022-03-08add missing foldersYaco
2022-03-08moves cidoc out the collectionYaco
2022-03-07first commit after acervus techYaco